Our Work

We create content for some of the biggest companies in the world, including 20th Century Fox, The Royal Court, Netflix and Toyota. Whether we’re making commercials or award winning short films, we love telling stories on the global stage - take a look at some of our work below.

Award Winning Short films

Written and directed by Aislinn Clarke (Devils Doorway), CHILDER had a very successful award winning festival run and will be screening on the ALTER horror platform from Spring 2019.

Award wining short film Childer: An introverted mother's worst fears are amplified when she is seemingly stalked by the feral children living in the woods surrounding her home.

Written and Directed by Aidan Largey  (FARR). TIME & AGAIN had a very successful festival run and will be screening on the DUST Sci-Fi platform from Spring 2019

Award winning short film Time & Again: Lucen Jones, an eccentric 13 year old, decides to turn his formidable intellect towards building a time machine over the summer holidays with skeptical best friend, Brian. Brian, unable to comprehend his friends desire to time travel finds himself swiftly dragged into assisting Lucen's madcap quest. However it is only when discovering the emptiness of Lucen's home life does Brian begin to truly understand his friends need for more. As the pair assemble the machine, Brian pushes his friend for answers before Lucen escapes into time and space without discovering that he has, in fact, finally found the thing he’s always looked for. A friend.

Written by Spence Wright (Red Mist) and Directed by Martin Stalker (Hostage to the Devil). Safe Haven had a very successful festival run and will be screening on the Alter horror platform from Spring 2019

Safe Haven: When a volcanic ash cloud engulfs the city 12 year old Zoran finds himself trapped at home with his elderly neighbor. But this ash cloud is like no other - it carries a virulent contagion that transforms those exposed into feral, black-oozing monstrosities. With the outside world fast descending into chaos and his neighbor beginning to succumb to the virus, Zoran will soon discover that when the ash descends there are no safe havens.


Award wining short film The Ash: Safe Haven is a concept for our feature film The Ash. 

Written and Directed by Leo McGuigan (Braxton Butcher), The Invention is currently on a very successful festival run.

Award winning short film The Invention - Set in Belfast in 1968, The Invention tells the true story of a young boy coming-of-age as he tries to devise a plan to steal cigarettes.


Winner of:

Best Short, Pasadena International Film Festival, 2019

Audience Favourite, Capital Irish Film Festival 2019

Best International Short, Beveren Film Festival, 2018

Best Director, Sydney Indie Film Festival, 2018


Official Selection for:

Belfast Film Festival, 2019

Oxford Film Festival, 2019

Newport Beach Film Festival, 2018

Kerry Film Festival, 2018

Richard Harris International Film Festival, 2018

National Film Festival for Talented Youth Film Festival, 2018

Coronado Film Festival, 2018

Aesthetica Short Film Festival, 2018


Nominated for:

Best Celtic Short Film, Carmathan Bay Film Festival, 2019

Best Actor, Pasadena International Film Festival, 2019

Best Director, Pasadena Film Festival, 2019

Top 5 Finalist Indy Shorts Film Festival, 2018

Best Writing, Richard Harris International Film Festival, 2018

Best Film, Sydney Indie Film Festival, 2018

Best Drama Film, Sydney Indie Film Festival, 2018

Best Screenplay, Sydney Indie Film Festival, 2018

Best Production Design, Sydney Indie Film Festival, 2018

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