Formed in 2009, Causeway Pictures is a global content production house with offices in Belfast, Dublin and Delaware. It is owned by 2020 BFI Vision Awardee Chris Patterson.

Our current projects are led by feature horror ‘The Banshee' about a young girl whose family is plagued by madness and murder who receives a troubling phone call from her younger brother. Visions are telling her that he is not safe and so she begins her search for him in the dark forests of Slieve De Danaan. Unknowingly she and her friends are being hunted by something much more sinister. To find her brother and escape the ancient evil she must confront what makes her family different. ‘The Banshee’ is from a series of scripts for our Irish Gothic collection, a pack of stories based on ancient Irish folklore.


Additionally, we are heavy in development with Northern Irish writer/director Aidan Largey, for his feature debut with the vigilante justice thriller ‘Monsters’ is a controversial feature about online vigilante paedophile hunters. Whilst a difficult story to produce, we have developed the script to carefully build a character-driven, compelling story that has competed excellently at global script festivals.  A carefully and responsibly curated script, ‘Monsters’ is gripping, emotional, dramatic and empathetic which unveils topics that are little discussed but a growing ‘fiend’ in societies today – particularly UK/ROI, USA and Canada. The controversial nature of a project like this is that casting is a massively crucial step not only in getting this project financed but getting it marketed to a wider audience.


As we push our projects forwards, we are also developing in the background, larger, more commercially driven projects, the main being action-horror ‘The Ash’ which brings the ash cloud of 2010 to a contemporary setting. This is an exciting project that takes the wide dynamic of a multicultural society, removes all of the traditional hierarchy and pulls those elements together in a fast action paced environment.


We are also in development on a bank of documentary projects. These include ‘In search of The Dream’ about a child soldier, turned boxing champion of the world, turned enigma, true-crime documentary 'Parkway’, and biographical 'Debra Hill’ the first female producer who was always kept in the shadows of her male counterparts.


Our television slate includes ‘Trace’ a true-crime documentary series following the events between 1993 and 1998, and sci-fi thriller ‘Violet Hill’; based on the best selling novel set in post-war London, 1918, when a lonely woman loses her only means of income, an opportunity presents itself to take over her deceased brother's private detective agency where case by case, clue by clue she uncovers the existence of a pact between human power brokers and alien aggressors


‘Old Friends and Other Days’ is a co-production with Northern Ireland Opera funded by the Arts Council NI; an art film that takes the music of Irish composer William Vincent Wallace and one of his contemporaries William Balfe and theatricalises each piece into epic storytelling through song. This film has been described as unlike any other in its realm; it removes opera from its stage and into a film set, bringing an immersive quality to opera’s theatrical roots.


These stories are a prime example of how we aim for the company to grow - bringing unique, diverse and lesser-known stories to a global audience.