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Formed in 2009, Causeway Pictures is a global content production house with offices in Belfast, Dublin and Delaware. It is led by producers Chris Patterson (Managing Director) and Margaret McGoldrick.

Causeway Pictures' feature debut was feature documentary ‘Hostage To The Devil’ which was released worldwide via Netflix after being sold by Content Media Corporation in 2016/17.

Since then Causeway Pictures has continued with the development of several projects including US serial dramas, feature documentaries and scripted features as well as optioning several books to be developed for television. ​


In the previous years our team has produced several award-winning shorts which have spurned a creative relationship with the writers and directors for long-form projects. Causeway Pictures are committed to developing entertaining film and television across a multitude of genres as they work with the new up-and-coming talent across the globe.

In 2020, Chris Patterson was awarded the BFI Vision Award which allowed him to expand the Causeway Pictures Development Slate and working with undiscovered talent, directly fund the creative development.

Our current slate is a varied between narrative/documentary features and television series. Our features are led by Irish horror The Banshee, vigilante justice thriller Monster(s) and feature documentary In Search Of The Dream about boxing legend Kassim Ouma; a child soldier turned world boxing champion. 

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