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Causeway Pictures, a dynamic and driving force in the Northern Irish film industry, has been crafting captivating content since its inception in 2009. With an unparalleled reputation for producing diverse, high-quality short films, this vibrant company has shot to the forefront, gaining international recognition and critical acclaim.


From the heart of Northern Ireland, Causeway Pictures has been the creative powerhouse behind content for industry heavyweights such as Netflix, HBO Germany and Discovery. In 2017, Causeway's first feature documentary Hostage to the Devil was acquired by Netflix making them one of the first Northern Ireland companies to feature on the platform. Recently,  they've even captured the essence of fashion, producing captivating online promotional material for Burberry’s Autumn/Winter 2023 collection.


In the face of 2021's unprecedented challenges, Causeway Pictures continued to shine. Together with Opera NI, they elegantly produced the opera piece 'OLD FRIENDS AND OTHER DAYS' amidst lockdown restrictions. This artistic creation remains on its festival run today, a testament to the enduring spirit of creativity and resilience.


Embracing opportunities from Northern Ireland Screen’s New Talent Focus Scheme, the dynamic duo, Chris  Patterson and Margaret McGoldrick, delivered an electrifying feature film, ‘Lie of the Land.’ This thrilling stoy, shot against the rugged beauty of Northern Ireland in February 2023, was accepted into the prestigious Galway Film Festival during its rough-cut stage. With relentless determination, we powered through post-production, premiering the film in July 2023 to standing ovations and rave reviews. 


‘Lie of the Land’ didn't just premiere, it stole the show, clinching the BEST IRISH FIRST FEATURE award. Currently, it's embarking on an exciting festival journey and being screened for multiple sales companies, further highlighting Causeway’s commitment to excellence.


Adding another feather to its cap, Causeway Pictures is in the midst of producing a profound feature documentary about the esteemed filmmaker, Debra Hill. Featuring interviews with industry giants such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Stacey Sher, Andrea Berloff, Lynda Obst, John Carpenter, and David Gordon Green, the documentary is slated for a 2024 release. Blue Finch Film Releasing is attached as global sales agents, with Kerry Deignan Roy and Jamie Lee Curtis as Executive Producers.


Causeway Pictures isn't just a film production company; it's a thriving ecosystem of talented filmmakers and creatives. Fostering a collaborative and supportive environment, Causeway is the fertile ground where innovative and exciting film projects take root and flourish. We're not just making films, we're crafting cinematic experiences that captivate, inspire, and move audiences around the globe. Join us on this exhilarating journey!

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